We’ve listened and learned, Base 2.0 launching in a month! New brand, new site, new strategy and new events!

A new story of community and sharing, creative expression, well-being and conscious-impact is emerging. We are here to create experiences and spaces for this story to live in and evolve from.

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We have an exciting pilot for our event series coming up on March 2nd! Come along and be part here – tickets below!

Weave Event Series Calendar

March – June 2017

Get a ticket to our first event! Thursday 2nd March between 6 – 9pm.

Al Jeffery
Base cofounder Al Jeffery is an international keynote speaker, entrepreneur and facilitator. Listed in the Top 30 Australian Entrepreneurs Under 30 and twice nominated for Young Australian of the Year, Al has become known as a divergent thought-leader. Committed to lifelong learning and personal development from the tender age of 12, Al has been on a mission to bring about a world that is “together in gift!” Currently Al speaks and facilitates globally on the topics of personal wellbeing, collaboration, community and social innovation. His new book – Modern Tribe – explores these concepts.

Founder of Make Thrift Creative Services, Sally McKittrick is a shape-shifting “Jill of all trades with a background in community arts participation. Through the culinary arm of her business – Tableaux Food – Sally explores the transformational and healing potential of communal edible experiences that are a feast for the senses. A tableaux is a vivid scene, or group of people. Sally’s seasonal grazing tables celebrate nature’s beauty and abundance, presenting fresh local and foraged produce in a vivid, inviting display that’s (almost) too good to eat!

This drumming style is not for the faint hearted, requiring a commitment to learning parts that played alone may appear simple. The challenge is placing each part within a complex polyrhythmic structure. To truly understand the rhythm and cultural context, the dance and the song must also be learned, or at least engaged with.